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Premium Audio Tour

Our Sydney ghost tour is a premium audio tour, allowing you to lose yourself in captivating stories spun by masterful voice actors, with chilling sound effects that transport you to a realm of whispers and shadows.

Unmasking the Shadows of History

Some of the included tales of despair include the sailors who are drugged and then kidnapped, a son who dies due to having his leg amputated, and the well-documented story of a murder victim whose arm is vomited up by a shark.

How it Works & Mobile App

Sydney Ghost Tours has partnered with Unlocked Tours to deliver our Ghost Tour on its platform. After you purchase your tour, you will be emailed the access code and then download the app – it’s that simple.

About Us

Unmasking the Shadows of History: Enter the World of Sydney Ghost Tours

The cobbled streets of Sydneys oldest neighbourhood whisper tales of a vibrant past, but shadows linger in its corners. For within these historic walls, secrets stir, and spectral chills dance on the wind. This is where Sydney Ghost Tours, an Unlocked Tours brand, invites you to embark on a thrilling journey, unveiling the macabre mysteries woven into the very fabric of this iconic Sydney district.

We’re not your average history tour. Forget dusty facts and droning lectures. We offer premium audio tours that transform your smartphone into a portal to the paranormal. Prepare to be captivated by voice actors who breathe life into chilling legends and historical figures.

Let spine-tingling sound effects paint a vivid picture of ghostly encounters and forgotten tragedies. As you navigate multiple stops at haunted locations, each step unveils a new chapter in Sydneys’ dark and compelling history.

Sydney Ghost Tours - The argyle Cut - Sullivans Blood


Whether you’re curious about the ghosts of Sydney, ways to protect yourself,
or if the tours are suitable for children, we’re here to answer any questions.